Love Is Ocean Series Evening Dress---Kuala Lumpur Cymbidium

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Love Is Ocean Series Evening Dress---Kuala Lumpur Cymbidium

The famous. Pierre. Cardin said, when you remind the. Louis. XV dynasty, the dress with round basketry underskirt will appear in your mind. The formal evening dress appeared in that gorgeous age. An evening dress which is full with shining paillette and crystal beads shows all means of elegance and dignity. The fresh color and smooth fabric of pretty satin and taffeta make anyone who dresses it sexy and refinement. Evening dresses make their owner enters with a full. Junoesque. Appearance. And the. Drape design appears with its special romantic mood, changes the traditional formal mien of evening dresses, and shows the wonderful figure of a beautiful woman in a very smart way. Many pretty women said you do not forget to invest a perfect evening dress for yourself. It satisfies a woman's amour-propre, enrich a prom ball, and make this world multicolored. So, do not hesitate any more, choose your favorites one for yourself. Strapless. Small white flower decoration. Drape design. Fabric: Taffeta. Color available: As. Pictured. Washing instruction: Dip in neutral lotion, hand washing. Do not dry cleaning.

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Price: $156 at Good Orient

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