Pansy series lace fairLady mid-length evening dress

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Pansy series lace fairLady mid-length evening dress

A luxurious fairlady chocolate evening dress with jacket. The dress body was covered with a layer of lace and it was trimed with same color sation at the bottom edging. The same color jacket was a necessary in a party, you can wear it when feel cold or don't wanna your shoulder off. Whether you are looking for your first prom dress, a party dress, or evening gown for a big date, the choices and selection are endless. Over the centuries style has changed, materials have improved tremendously, and fashion has dictated what should be worn where and with what accessories. But still a dress is a dress, right? There are a few events that stand out in their life, and a woman needs a special dress just for these occasions. A Christening gown is the first, followed by a prom dress; next may well be an evening gown, and then the ultimate - the wedding gown. Each of these specialty gowns represent a different phase in the life of a woman, and signify the most special and memorable times for her. Material: lining, taffeta and lace. Photo. Color: TAF24A and similar color lace. Sold together with the jacket.

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Price: $226 at Good Orient

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